Received Another Good Question? What is your solution to end prohibition on mj?

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Another Good Question?
April 30 at 2:50pm · (LINKS HAVE BEEN ADDED & some slight corrects have been made as far as some capitalization and puncuation errors.)

Just thought I’d get your opinion, Am I wrong here??? Because I do not think so ~
Mary Thomas-Spears aka Rev. Mary
April 30 at 2:01pm

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what is your solution to end prohibition on mj?… I’ve been following thorne’s adventure, and he does make valid points… I think we all have same goals… just wanted to understand your position

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From Mary Thomas-Spears aka Rev. Mary ~ Another Good Question?

A Constitutional Amendment is the only end that I can see to End Prohibition of Personal Use and to Restore our rights and freedoms where our personal use is concerned because what Mr. Thorne Peters is overlooking is ~ We Have No Real Rights or Freedoms Currently due to our Contracting them away through the IRS and S.S. via the Market Place – in Incorporation = making ourselves their Property = “Dead” = “Stock” = Why? the Judge wears Black! = Bench is Latin for Bank = with The Corporate World Bank = in with an extension of the Corporate World Government = which is an extension or the Corps(e) or dead body of the Corporate World Church = the all seeing eye on the top of the pyramid only separated through their Tax Exempt Status


Due to so many reasons, like the Verona Treaty and the Lieber Code to name just a couple of them.


Lieber Code

Not to mention, His = Thorne Peters CASE would have to be on the U.S. Supreme Court to make any real difference = he lost or it was rejected on the lower state levels.

Yes! I have already proved #NoMensRea in Court but I had to Plead Guilty to Introduce the evidence that I had no guilt in a “Lessor of Evils” defense which it took me 8 yrs at the State level in a Commonwealth to do and that didn’t keep it or me off their paper or out of their system or help me go on to a Higher Court…

Not to Mention, each case is different according to the Charges they have brought against you, as they Do have All Authority over the Market Place, Currency and Foreign War including Synthetic ones they’ve created = their property = Prohibition or the Drug War – that they have divided with their Prohibition to create new Venues and drive prices while Controlling the ALL the numbers! With-in the Market Place.

As I have already said, because of these reasons and many others, he is misleading the masses in my opinion.

Although I have said there is another Solution in the About Section of the Page everyone joins but no-one reads or takes Seriously ~…/
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From Omnipotence Sui Juris (who in fact Documents for you what I just explained to you above)

As far as I can find written in English Law, once you apart of the group your at the groups mercy, a fee-simple citizen has to deal with the land trust companies charter and constitutions, the most specific is usually written like in Canada Sec 1 of the Charter, 1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. this reasonable limits is the catch 22, since the group can make anything legal for the group yet anyone not apart of that group it does not apply to and the charter does not apply as a remedy for those not in the subject matter jurisdiction, being a municipal corporation with a use under statute King William the 1st , called de donis, the only area of law that deals with the removal of the subject matter jurisdiction is estates in reversion for the donor to get “Life Estate” back that was granted at birth by the parents, everything else is corp law for the protectors of the lands as stated in Magna Charta chapter 4 , the countries are land trust companies as stated in Law of Property 1925, the ancient statutes deal with the reversion process that is not apart of the land trust company, these are the statutes written by the Donee the individual each fee-simple subject grants the estate to, the monarchy created a system that the individuals with a use can control the equitable waste and nothing else, being equity is fiction and only applies to those that agree to the value of that object of exchange for all in its group,
pic Magna Charta chapter 4


King William the 3rd wrote the remedy, from blackstone commentaries vol 2 pg 112

king_william-the 3rd-wrote-theRemedy-From-blackstone commentaries,vol2 pg112

English Law has its own language, and is different than any other.

King William the 3rd wrote the remedy, from blackstone commentaries vol 2 pg 112
10&11W3rd ,kingWilliamThe3rdDeDonisConditionalis.

From Mary Thomas-Spears ~ TY! to “Omnipotence Sui Juris”, For your time here! Abundant Blessings! ❤

So let me see if I am understanding you correctly? YOU DO CONCUR! & It is like
I said above and in this post below here to my Diverse Sanctuary's Canadian Lodge page. Unless You Redeem Yourself via The Remedy. ~

Another GOOD QUESTION???? Here in the States ~ Oh, By the Way – If you haven’t been Paying Attention ~ Canada’s Government is also an incorporation of Corporate Government of the Established World Corporate Church’s Corps(e) or “Body” or of “the people” ~

From Omnipotence Sui Juris ~ Everything since 1066 and the start of the current English Law and Jurisdiction is based on “livery by seisin“, and is apart of the livery companies and the lord spiritual and temporal, this translates into every law, faith, belief and morals of every individual is no longer there own, since this group started in 1066 and was forced for many hundreds of years unless you understood law of reversion. Everything everyone believes that is law, is Law of Equity it is not natural law, or the law of your god, an english subject that has a faith and proclaims it will be bound threw equity to that faith; unless you choose nature, true freedom and reversion and take back your Life Estate in the recognized and written manner as it states in the ancient statutes etc. Then after you are free you can choose what ever you want for laws for your group, since you would need acceptance from anyone not in your group. This deals with the main foundation on what majority believe law and jurisdiction to be , Common Law is Equity Law and Fee-simple, and was apart of common law before King William the 1st enacted into legislation by statute de donis. English Law likes to write things to allow the reader to assume things, unless they are diligent enough to learn the law as a whole and how it works and to whom it applies to and why. I have not found 1 individual that can prove to me what law and subject matter really is , as in written by a recognized law scholar, yet I have this information in many books written by top scholars and it is not only being ignored, seems everyone is fighting subject matter jurisdiction yet don’t know what it is, how it is achieved and what the remedy is, if you do not have these 3 all together English Law will not recognize it.

To sum it up, most have no clue because they choose to read others material that is not recognized, and have never read any Real Law Books, I don’t want anyone to keep asking me questions over and over, the answers everyone seeks are in the documents that I share, I can not discuss an area of law if no one will read it and no one knows it exists and contradicts all the law everyone else thinks is law. When its the law for the group and not the way out.
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From Mary Thomas-Spears ~ Well That Summed That Up! Hell!!! I couldn’t have said it any better myself! The Web Site I had it all Documented on went missing a few years ago and we won’t discuss the issues with PC’s…

Yet, I believe that we do concur! and I thank You! for sharing this info here again. Because YES!!!! They all seem to want to argue about it while passing a bucket of denial around for them to piss and moan in…

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From Omnipotence Sui Juris ~ Thank you for taking the time to read it!
lots more on its way
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From Mary Thomas-Spears ~ You are so welcome! Again, praying you are Abundantly Blessed!



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