The Most Important Lesson in Understanding How You Are Screwed By the Words Used

Ok this is the most important thing most Activist and People need to understand about the Words they are using to Legally Define things is…

They have already been Legally Defined!!!

Take the word “Human”

Or Words

“Human Rights”

Has already been Legally defined!

Something that they can not change because they can’t change Cannon Law.

Because of certain History like the Secret Varona Treaty that the U.S. Government has signed into with the Roman Catholic Church.

Once again, as much as I would like to agree or show my support to the “Human Rights” issues…

The problem is

I can not support the so called “Human Rights” approach…

When I know that is how they screwed us all!!!

With the Words!!!! = “The Tower of Babel” built by men in order to divide the masses by their tongues = languages or linguistics.

As they are quoted from the Cannon = Catholic Law

Which is translated into all The English Law

Again I will say that the current Law states that “Humans are Monsters that have no rights!!!!!!!”

As apposed to the Homo-sapiens who have retained All the Rights for themselves!!!

See I know origin is very important when it comes down to the root of the issue and that before we had Black’s Law which is an extension of… —Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930) in which

Human Being – is defined as

monster A human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. A monster hath no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any land.

—Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930)

As this concept is also supported by Black’s Law…

As it was all Canonized into Law through the Words as they are defined through Mosaic Law or the Law of Moses via the Corporate Roman Church!

So until many of the words being used by most today change completely!

I can’t support it! •

Because some of it is pure Evil!!!!!!!

Canonized into and throughout All the Law we now have! As I have previously explained many times in the past.

Again from a FB Post and Previous Page here ~ (Link Missing?)

Ok! I told you here awhile back that I would break down this Legal Argument again for you and go over or answer any questions about it…

I asked you to make yourselves familiar with the first page of it on our web site.

At this point, my last post here asked? Do you have any questions about that page?

Please keep in mind it is all still under construction.

As I move forward to go over my first point on that page or argument which I try to stress.

Which is simply, “understanding the Linguistics or words being used by them” as I quote them back.

These important words that I am referring to are all in italics on that page and all will eventually be linked up with their Legal Definitions and their Origins…

First Lesson to remember in Law is – That despite what you believe all the words mean… That those words are translated back to their Latin Definitions by the Courts = like Doctors…

The Judges, Lawyers,… Use Latin Words and Terms to communicate and do their business! So you do not know their business or what they are communicating even when they speak it in front of you!

“Where being a good Catholic boy pays off!” ~ Gatewood Galbraith

So your first lesson is? They do not want you to know what they are saying as they hide the true meanings of the words… While they taught you to read a Webster’s Dictionary….

They currently use Black’s Law Dictionary 10th Edition Now and/or West Business Law 10th Edition (at this point) for the most part.

1st Edition Black Law

West Law

It is very important to note, that both of these Dictionaries quote or are an extension of the one before it… While all quote Cannon Law.

As they prove the Law is an extension of the Law of G-d handed down by Moses or Canonized by the Roman Catholic Church and or from Mosaic Law.

Just as Government is the extension of, or incorporation – Corporation, Corpse = Dead Body or Church’s Administration or Ad + Ministry established by the Corporate World Church and We the People for Control and Profit in the market Place = why the Church which is Tax Exempt and this why Courtrooms look like Churches with pews… They = The Corporate World Church are the “All Seeing Eye” (aka the Illuminated also referred to as Illuminati) on top of the Pyramid on the Dollar Bill. Did I mention that Moses was raised in Egypt?

Any questions??? About any of this?

Because the rabbit wHole is much, much deeper…
As the levels of the HOLE were dug, as Masonically as the TOWER was built!

Throughout the layers of Anglo Saxon Law, Roman Law, Canon Law, English Law,…


The Why? And How…

More Reference For this page:

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English Law – Duke University, School of Law

English Law Guide on PDF – By Duke University, School of Law

English Legal History – By Duke University, School of Law

English Legal History on PDF – By Duke University, School of Law

in English Law – The Law Dictionary

English Law of Rule in English – Cambridge Dictionary

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